Photo above courtesy of Henry Liu.

here at new century dance we ensure that you have the best dance instructors possible.


Fenhua Lu

"Lu Lao Shi" is the principal and sole founder of New Century Dance. The values and teachings of the school are parallel with that of her dance education back in China. When she was nine, Fenhua was selected to join the prestigious Shanghai Dance School, where she would live and breathe the essence of dance for a little over a decade. From that point on she brought her skills overseas to Canada and then California, where she eventually settled and opened New Century Dance for business. 


Jing Zhang

Jing Zhang began her ballet studies at the same prestigious Shanghai Dance School as Lu Lao Shi in 1993. In 2000, she progressed to the Specialty of Dance Department in the Opera and Dance College of the Shanghai Theater Academy. During her tenure at the Theater Academy, she participated in numerous competitions and garnered many awards: third place prize in the Ballet Junior Group "Peaches and Plums Cup" in 2000, first place prize in the Shanghai Music Festival in 2001, the Excellent Player award in the Shanghai International Competition in 2001, and many more. She joined Ballet San Jose in 2005, eventually making her way over to New Century Dance in 2011 where she has been teaching ever since. 


Jocelyn Lu

Jocelyn Lu is a dance teacher and choreographer with many years of ballet and Chinese dance experience. She has won numerous regional and national awards in Chinese and modern dance, and is highly acclaimed for her exceptional artistry and style. Ms. Lu has studied dance since the age of 5, training with the J&H Dance School in Houston, Texas under Zhou Jie and Xu Li. She also partook in a partnership with the Beijing Dance Academy, where she earned her Young Professional Artist Certification at the age of 16. After earning her certification, she participated in numerous training programs in China, tutoring young children in Chinese dance at the Beijing Dance Academy and the Zou Jie Dance School in Shanghai. She then moved to Boston where she attended MIT. There, she became a director and choreographer for various dance academies and performance troupes, earning recognition as an exceptional choreographer in the area. Eventually making her way over to California, Ms. Lu joined New Century Dance in 2014 and has been teaching and performing here ever since.


Zhu Qi

Zhu Qi is another highly qualified instructor at New Century Dance. She too graduated from the Shanghai Dance School as well as the Shanghai School of Dramatic Arts Dance Academy. She obtained high-level certification in choreography from both schools and was a performer in the Eastern New Spring Dance Company, performing in countless shows across the globe. Later on she decided to shift her pursuits towards mainly teaching and choreography, even serving as an artistic director for an acrobatic troupe.  Her compositions have won numerous national-gold medals